Friday, October 30, 2009

God can do whatever He wants....

including taking your sleep. In Esther 6:1, King Xerxes (sounds like zerksees) was unable to sleep which led to some amazing events including the salvation of the Jews from certain death.

God can take our sleep. When he needs us to hear something, and we are too busy all day to listen, he can take our sleep.

I feel like God takes our sleep to protect us too.
This morning He tried to take mine, but I refused. I kept going back to sleep even though I was wide awake. Why? I have jury duty this morning and don't have to be there till 9 so I wanted to soak up every extra minute I could get. He was trying to protect me. Last night D and I had a little disagreement and kinda went to bed still mad. God started waking me up at around 5. I don't get up at 5 on a workday God!! I slept so great until 5. After I forced myself back to sleep, I started having nightmares... not your scary-I'm-being-chased-by-an-attacker but the my-husband-is-taking-a-long-trip kind of dream.

I dreamed that he was going to Arizona/cross country trip with no true destinations in mind and no definite return date. To make me feel better, he asked someone I don't trust to stay with me while he was gone. Yea, like that would make me feel better. Then that person brought a stranger who kept trying to steal my stuff. On top of all that, D took Bronco with him. Bronco ran off and decided to live with some Indians on a reservation who refused to return him because he was so cute.

By this point I was begging God to wake me up! He basically said "no... now you know why I was trying to get you up!" It was so obvious that Satan was trying to scare me. He literally used every single insecurity I have against me. I will not be afraid! God has me in His hands and that is all the security I need.

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