Sunday, November 8, 2009

Praise God!

On September 7, 2009, I wrote about my niece asking some questions about "being saved". (click on date to read post).

I had not seen her since that weekend until this past weekend. My MIL texted me Saturday to ask if my niece and nephew could go to church with us in the morning. Of course I said yes :).

I went to pick her up from the KidZone. Mary Whorton was waiting at the door and said "Lexy has something to tell you." I knew right away and started crying. She just smiled and nodded her head. Lexy came out and saw tears in my eyes and said, "I prayed to God today!!" I fell to my knees and started hugging her. She took my face in her hands and said, "Aunt Ashley, aren't you happy??" I could barely speak and said "of course I am." She said, "well, Mrs. Tracie jumped up and down with me in celebration!" LOL - thank you Mrs. Tracie!

After church, we had home group at our house. The kids had a great time playing with big ole Bronco, Wii and Xbox... who says we don't have entertainment for kids? :) Mattie is always so happy when Lexy gets to come to home group because the rest of the kids are all boys.

After home group, we went to Pam & Vic's for family dinner. Charlie and Amanda were there too. Lexy was soooooo excited to tell everyone that she prayed for salvation. Pam was great about keeping the conversation going and asking her about what she prayed.

I am so drained with all of the emotion but what a wonderful feeling! Thank you God for using me and the KidZone workers to minister to my precious niece!

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