Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Turn

Mom is back to work today and Dad is out of town, so it's my turn to take care of Da. I am a little nervous but he has been very cooperative lately. I am so glad that I am close and able to help. I would feel so guilty if we still lived in Tuscaloosa and I wouldn't be able to help.

Rachel went with me to mom's house to feed Da some lunch and take the dog out. I totally forgot to check his pill box to make sure his morning meds were taken and I forgot to give him his breathing treatment. Ugh! I will get the hang of this! I heated up a large can of Brunswick Stew. He ate the whole thing plus a fruit cup and 2 pieces of garlic bread. Unfortunately, he also had several beers and by dinner time he was pretty difficult to deal with.

I went back to work after lunch and then church till 7:30. Mom was home with dinner by the time I got there. Rachel & Daniel came by for mom to give her a shot. Da was determined that they were going to eat his food even with all of us telling him they had already eaten. He ate a large BBQ sandwhich, coleslaw and some baked beans from Uncle Sams. He made a few comments about how much meat was on the sandwhich and told us to "forget about that other place from now on" (referring to the $0.99 ones at Pruitts he had last week). It was pretty cute and refreshing to see him remember something like that.

During dinner:
Da: some man named 'Marvin' called
Mom: was it Vernon Lee?
Da: I guess it could have been. How did you know?
Mom: I don't know a Marvin but Vernon's been calling
Da: What was he calling about?
Mom: Disaster Relief teams
Da: Oh... ok.

The funniest part is that Mom knew it was Vernon because she had gotten a text from Dad earlier. Vernon called wanting tell Dad something about disaster relief. He had called the house and Da answered. (Note: my Dad and Da both go by "Jim"). Vernon asked him how he was and Da replied with something about "good now that I'm out of the hospital!" They apprently chatted for a little bit longer but Vernon was very confused when Da told him that he would have to talk with his daughter about that chainsaw team. Vernon then called Marilyn Carter to see what was going on. He eventually called Dad on his cell phone and got it cleared up. It never occured to me that they could be mistaken, but this is going to be entertaining!

Da and I always seem to end up talking about dogs. It's really the only interest we have in common, but at least we have that. I can't wait for him to meet Bronco... I just hope he doesn't knock Da down!

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