Sunday, January 24, 2010

why do men make everything so difficult??

here's a for instance...

Me - almost finished cooking supper (orange chicken and rice)
D - watching football.
D - we should've gotten some egg rolls
Me - yea that would've been good
D - I'll run get some.
Me - ok, tell them you want some extra duck, mustard, and soy sauce
D - (puzzled look) - i'm not going to new china... i'm going to food world
Me - but new china would be easier and cheaper
D - but they don't take a card
Me - fine... go ahead...
20 minutes later...
D - these egg rolls aren't that good.
Me - hmmm

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  1. So interesting, tonight at my house...

    Me (with no voice): can you call new china and order dinner? Here's what I want (hands list)

    My D: I don't have my phone, you call them

    Me: they won't understand me and my phone is upstairs too.

    My D: but....

    Me: (sad face) :o(

    My D: okay....


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