Tuesday, February 9, 2010


  • I freeze at night and wake up on fire
  • I love to touch D's face/hair... he hates it
  • Our dog weighs ~100 lbs and is only 7 1/2 months old
  • I hate folding clothes
  • D is always where I need to be in this little house
  • I like to have my car with me wherever I am... don't be offended if I don't want to ride with you
  • I can't understand foreign people but D thinks I should be able to b/c of my profession
  • Pet Peeve: people stopping in the middle of an aisle makes me want to inflict physical harm
  • Pet Peeve: brake tapping whether I'm in the car or behind someone
  • Pet Peeve: incorrect usage of "their/they're/there", "to/too", "want/won't", "your/you're"
  • Pet Peeve: TyPiNg LiKe ThIs and "skoo", "prolly"
  • Pet Peeve: people who invade my privacy at work
  • I use the ellipse way too much... but it's how I think
  • I stutter and get tongue tied... a lot
  • I went to Italy & Switzerland when I was 12 with my Dad (my Mom was afraid to fly)
  • I want to do foreign missions one summer
  • I'm mostly a plain jane 
  • I LOVE scarves
  • I can't say no to many things/people
  • I am far from Proverbs 31
  • I used to be overly organized and tidy... now I'm rarely able to find everything I need to get out the door in time. 
  • I don't sleep well and can be very moody
  • I never imagined that my Mom and I would be so close
  • If you don't answer the first time I call, I think your dead in a ditch... expect a follow up call if you don't send me an "I'm alive/busy" text in a timely manner
  • I am desperate for babies but I know that it's not the right time
  • I'm afraid of the infertility monster
  • I am also known as "Regina", "formatting queen", "wife", "Miss Ashley", "Momma", "Lisa", "Baby"
  • I'm not that close with my family outside of Mom & Dad
  • I have a tramp stamp

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  1. *She is a friend 24 hours a day and will come quickly with latte in hand (just like her mama)
    *She loves to have HER hair played with
    *She can learn any electronic anything in 2 seconds flat (and then teach her ASFABulous friend!)
    *She is a mind reader
    *She is an autism whisperer.
    *She can spell words her co-workers can't :)
    *She gives a good "poor baby"
    *She is seeking the Lord everyday (even if she gets behind with Beth)
    *She is the best friend a girl could ask for


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