Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where did my joy go?

First, I thought I would share a funny typo from last night during the Beth Moore video.  Can you see it?  Yes, that says "job" underneath that joy.  I have been soooo preoccupied by Dustin's unemployment lately that I feel like I have lost my joy!

Today, I completed ALL of last week's Beth Moore homework.  Yes, all 5 days worth and it's only 3:30.  I have been blessed with few patients and a renewed desire to be joyful!

In day 4, she discussed ways that we may lose our joy and they really spoke to me...
  1. When our outpour exceeds our intake. (Are we serving more than we are seeking?)
  2. When our talk exceeds our walk. (Fits together with number 1. We rarely know the exact moment that our output begins to exceed our intake, but a sure sign of lack of fuel is a talk that exceeds our walk.)
  3. When we become "wonders junkies". (The most intimate times we ever will spend with God will be listening to His gentle whispers, not looking for giant miracles.  Yes, they happen but not nearly as often as He speaks to/guides us. Rarely are you more at risk for losing your joy than when you have just experience a spiritual high - like after a mission trip or retreat.)
  4. When we are exhausted. (Are you neglecting your rest? What about eating? - We rarely neglect to eat; however, we do neglect to eat for the body's benefit.)
  5. When we feel all alone (As you're growing in Christ, beware of feelings that tempt you to believe you are all alone and that on one else wants to serve or love God as you do.  Just because someone does not share our "cause" or our personal "passions" does not set us apart. When we view ourselves as the only spiritual person we know, we're setting ourselves up for a fall.)
PS... Rachel saw me drafting this blog and said "oooh are your going to write about pg. 82?! (she did this study last year and has kept the book at work for us to go through together sometimes). I said, "no, pg 87". I opened mine to pg. 82 and it was BLANK!  Somehow I had totally skipped 82 & 83.  Rachel said she remembered that it was the most profound lesson of that week.  And I missed it!  Guess I will be doing it tonight!!

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