Monday, February 8, 2010

Prayer Updates

Current list....
  • BBBS little sis - Hannah - moving to Bham, new school, new friends
  • Dustin's Job
  • Friend's Fertility
  • Another Friend's Job
  • Another Friend's Marriage - unfaithful husband
  • Satisfaction and fulfillment in my job
  • Barb's husband, Jared, 4x CABG last week
  • Beth's mom in ICU
  • Shane's wife - bad PET scan results
  • Shane's father - possible cancer
  • Jo Jones - Battling cancer, on hospice
  • All of my family members of course
  • Our home group
  • Our Beth Moore Study
  • Finances
  • My kids in therapy
  • Shannon - happy/healthy pregnancy
  • Christy - family issues

Updates in Purple below


My Prayer List...

Lately it seems that I am overwhelmed with additions to my prayer list so I thought I would start blogging them as a prayer journal of sorts... Can't wait to see how God blesses and moves in these situations!

(BIL = Brother in law, SIL = Sister in law, MIL = Mother In Law)
  • Dustin's job search (still searching)
  • A dear friend's quest for conception (still on that journey)
  • Mom & Dad - Work and Travel (ongoing)
  • Jonathan (BIL) (ongoing)
  • Lexy & Coleman (niece and nephew) (ongoing)
  • Charlie & Amanda (BIL and SIL) (ongoing)
  • Da (my granddad) - Health and Safety (ongoing)
  • Laura H. & Jennifer W. - easy and safe pregnancies - Both have delivered sweet, healthy girls!
  • Jo Jones - My aunt's MIL - diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer this week (still struggling)
  • Several of my patients dealing with setbacks and possibilities of degenerative diseases (one of them passed away this week)
  • I've been subpoenaed to appear in court and give "expert testimony" Monday morning to testify to terminate parental rights for one of my patients. Hopefully, he will then be adopted by his foster mother. (Parental rights were terminated and he's been adopted by a very loving family)
  • Families and friends of lost loved ones this week! (trey burns, dusty moles, trevor howard, jimmy wagnon, and the list goes on!)
  • My co-worker (for 3 more weeks) and friend Allen decided it was time for a job change. I wish him happiness and fulfillment in his new job. (answered with a big Yes!  He loves his job and we still get to hang out about once a week)
  • A friend might be getting a divorce (divorced)
  • Eric Reaves (our pastor) and family - for the loss of a dear friend of his - jimmy wagnon.
  • Rachel's sister Jennifer moved to New Orleans recently (doing really well!)
I'm SO thankful for...
  • sound body and mind - specifically the ability to swallow and speak fluently (most of the time)
  • my family and friends - i hope you know how much you all mean to me
  • my husband - he's just so great!
  • my job - hope my boss is reading this :) j/k
  • our home and life together right now
  • our past and broken roads
  • a refreshing desire and curiosity for God and what He's doing in my life
  • God's everlasting love and faithfulness to us

Please feel free to add to this list or make your own! I'd love to hear how God is working in your life!

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