Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet patient!

Phone rings.

KK: Who's that?

The gym

KK: You're going to the gym?


KK: Why?

So I can get healthy

KK: Why do you wanna get healthy?

So one day I can have sweet babies like you

KK: But i'm a big girl

Oh sorry

KK: That's ok. Don't let it happen again. You are beautiful.

*tear* you are beautiful too!

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  1. OMG - she did NOT!!!! She is a sweet girl, isn't she?????

    (this is MY KK, right?)

  2. yes it is your KK :) love her! Poor Rachel was in the other room with a sreamin' meanie!

  3. I knew it was her when she said "But I'm a big girl." LOL

    Well, and the saucy "Don't let it happen again." She has some sass!!!!

    I'll see y'all Wednesday!!!!!


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