Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mama!

Happy Mother's Day Mama!  You have been the best mother to me.  You have been tough and mean when you needed to be and loving and nurturing through it all.  You have always strived to do what's right for me and you never cared if I used you to get out of things I didn't feel comfortable with ("mmm. sorry, I can't go to that party, my mean mom won't let me.")  There were definitely times that I thought you were the. meanest. mother. ever. But I know now that it was always in my best interest.  I am so so so thankful for this time in our lives that we are able to be friends and enjoy each other.  I love you so so so much!!

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  1. It took me several minutes to read this post due to the burning, blurring sensation in my eyes. It was a privilege to give you love and protection as a child, and now I have the honor of enjoying the beautiful, intelligent, sweet, thoughtful, funny, godly woman you have become. If this is a preview of where God is leading you, I can't wait to see what else He is doing in your life.


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