Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our fantastic jack of all trades (music & youth minister), Adam Swann, filled in for our pastor (Eric) this week. He brought up some interesting points about idols in our lives. Being raised in church, I've heard it before but it's always good to be reminded that if God is not getting our attention, something is. Lately, that something for me has been facebook. Sad, I know. I was totally getting wrapped up in all the gossip and even the mundane stuff that was so readily available. I didn't delete my whole profile or anything. There really are some people on there that I genuinely care about and would like to be able to contact. I think I can muster up enough self-control to not check it every 5 minutes. To help with the temptation and to have some sort of action/follow-through, I deleted over 100 people. Part of me thinks it's sad that the majority of those people won't notice I'm gone from their feed. The other part worries a little about the few messages I'll get wanting to know why I "de-friended" them. It would probably be rude to tell them that I just can't take the multitude of negative comments anymore or the minute to minute updates on your life or even the continuous ramblings about your children with full details regarding their bodily fluids (certain people are excluded from this and you know who you are :). Part of me feels like facebook serves the following purpose: "connect with old friends" - that's what they tell you but it's mostly to see who's fat, pregnant, married, divorced, lost it, or got it all together - at least on the outside.

Maybe this should be my public profile... I'm fat, married, happy, and have it together (most days).

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