Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prayer list updates

Current list....
  • Dustin's Job (hard work and a crazy guy)
  • Our opposite schedules
  • Friend's Fertility Quest
  • Another friend's situation with her ex-husband
  • Satisfaction and fulfillment in my job
  • A co-worker's mom may have cancer, appt. on thursday (it is cancer and will be treated aggressively)
  • My mom & her sanity
  • My dad’s travel for work
  •  My grandfather
  • Our home group
  • Finances
  • My kids in therapy and their families
  • New study: Seeking Him starting 8/22

UPDATES IN parenthesis BELOW

from 2/10

  • BBBS little sis - Hannah - moving to Bham, new school, new friends (I don't know how this all turned out. She moved and I haven't heard from her.)
  • Dustin's Job (He has one!!!)
  • Friend's Fertility (starting the adoption process)
  • Another Friend's Job (getting better, at least her paychecks aren't bouncing anymore)
  • Another Friend's Marriage - unfaithful husband (they divorced and she claims she has found true love)
  • Satisfaction and fulfillment in my job (see above)
  • Barb's husband, Jared, 4x CABG last week (doing really well! I'm sure it's difficult to go through that at such a young age but it would have to be easier at 30 something than at 70 something!)
  • Beth's mom in ICU (has been in and out of the hospital recently)
  • Shane's wife - bad PET scan results (things started looking better for a little bit and now they are worse again)
  • Shane's father - possible cancer (I don't know)
  • Jo Jones - Battling cancer, on hospice (passed away a few weeks ago)
  • Our home group (we are growing! summer has been difficult to maintain our meetings)
  • Our Beth Moore Study (was fantastic!!!)
  • Finances (doing really well with our savings plan and debt retirement)
  • My kids in therapy (always)
  • Shannon - happy/healthy pregnancy (recently gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy - Walt)

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